Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine was founded in 2015 by Dr. Keith Steigbigel. As the exclusive owner and operator, Dr. Steigbigel treats patients in Milford, CT for a number of problems, including orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, functional movement and mobility assessments, orthotic fabrication, arthritis pain, neck and back injuries, and neurological injuries.

The office of Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine uses the latest techniques to provide relief from pain and dysfunction. Specifically, the practitioners specialize in non-thrust mobilization on the spine and extremities as well as manual mobilization to identify the cause of the pain as well as to provide long-term relief. Additionally, Dr. Steigbigel is certified by Sole Supports Orthotics to cast and distribute foot orthotics to patients.

Individuals, both athletic and non-athletic and of all skill levels, are welcome at Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Dr. Steigbigel has experience in treating weekend warriors to professional athletes, including those involved with strenuous Crossfit activities. He has the honor to be the official physical therapist for the Crossfit Milford competitors and team, and their successes at the World Games.