Delci L.
Dr. Keith Steigbigel, owner and operator of Prolete Therapy & Sports Medicine changed my ability to function effectively. As a school teacher I was injured resulting in multiple issues. After many years and seveal therapists I was fortunate to be treated by Keith who understood the body has to treated as a whole and finally put me on the right tract.

Fast forward a number of years I became ill resulting in some problems with my mobility. Keith once again has put me on the right track. With daily exercise and his careful guidance I feel I am once again in the healing mode. Many thanks to Keith and staff.
Submitted 23/09/23

Carmen F.
Prolete staff was excellent in every way.
Submitted 19/10/22

Jadranka K.
I’m glad my surgeon recommended Prolete Physical Therapy in Sports & Medicine. My experience with them was a positive one. My therapist, CJ, provided high-quality physical therapy in a professional manner. He made me feel comfortable and tried his best to encourage me to try harder. Liz, at the front desk, was so lovely and always displayed a warm and welcoming attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Prolete to those in need of physical therapy.
Submitted 15/10/22

Patricia K.
Marie is amazing! I feel better than I ever have. She taught me a lot and was an absolute pleasure chatting with. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs pelvic floor help!
Submitted 05/10/22

Theresa C.
Submitted 05/06/22
This is the second time in several years I needed PT and Prolete therapists helped me get back to 100%. I worked mostly with Ainsley but on occasion with Katelyn. They both were excellent, knowledgeable, and well versed on what I needed. I so grateful and recommend them highly!

Doug F.
Submitted 04/15/22
After a neurosurgeon misdiagnosed a back injury, James took about two minutes to figure out the problem and give me a list of neurosurgeons to consult. Meanwhile, he began to work with me to strengthen my back and legs in preparation for the surgery and, just as importantly, to coach me in the truest sense of the word. He addressed my physical issues and offered counsel and a sympathetic ear. I chose a doctor on his list (Judith Gorelick) and my surgery was in November. Even before the surgery, I was painfree. The surgery was a success and I am rebuilding my back and legs. The surgeon says part of the reason the surgery was so successful was my physical condition before the surgery and the work after the surgery. That’s all attributable to James. He always knew when to push me to my limits or take it easy on me. He also knew when we just needed to talk. His emphasis was always on personalized care, awareness of any physical and mental challenges and lots of encouraging me. I’ve “graduated” from PT now and I’m continuing to build back my strength with exercises given to me by James. I’m back doing all the things I was doing before my back injury and continuing to build strength and confidence. I can’t recommend James & Co. enough.

Wendy W.
Submitted 03/24/22
I had double knee replacement surgery resulting in non-knee related but serious surgical complications. So I was very discouraged. That all changed when I walked into Prolete Milford & met CJ. His excellent treatment plan strengthened my knees & entire body. But his constant encouragement & positivity went well beyond his knee treatment. It helped me tremendously as I endured endless doctors’ appointments & tests to treat the complications. My thanks goes out to the CJ & the entire Prolete team for their kindness & to Becca who helped with my balancing needs. All of you helped me get my life back. If a person needs the finest PT, Prolete is the place to go!

Carole A.
Submitted 03/09/22
From my first visit to the last i found everyone from the front desk at both locations to be friendly and professional. The initial visit with Dr. Keith and then the many visits I had with the PT folks (especially Michael) to be “right on” with the exercises and stretches they had me do resulted in feeling that the goal I had been thinking about was attainable. Thanks to all!

Betty Lou B.
Submitted 03/09/22
The professional excellence, the kindness and understanding of Dr. Silva and the others in the Woodbridge office were beyond exceptional. I came with great pain; I left feeling like my former self. I can not explain the expertise of this group. I highly recommend Dr. Silva and his associates.

Eva M.
Submitted 03/08/22
Excellent care great theorists knowledgeable, very pleases and helped alot from when I first went here almost year ago

Kent M.
Submitted 03/01/22
Best PT experience around

M B.
Submitted 02/24/22
Immaculate facility. Professional, friendly, supportive staff. Accommodating our busy schedule. Our family has been seeing Marie for years as issues arise. Great personality, very positive and caring. Treatment always tailored to target specific needs. Expert in women’s health as well as other areas. Has been a life saver. Best staff and PT facility. Highly recommend!

Tracy S.
Submitted 02/23/22
I have been to a few physical therapists in the past and no one has compared to Marie’s expertise. She is kind, accommodating, always makes me feel comfortable, and is so good at what she does. She is a phenomenal Physical Therapist – I’m lucky to be her patient! She specializes in pelvic PT and after having my baby she’s helped me so much!

Monica M.
Submitted 02/09/22
I could never say enough to describe the excellent care Carl Luth gave me. His expertise and knowledge is exemplary. I had various problems, including knee replacement, stenosis and tendonitis and I feel so much better after the therapy and exercises Carl Luth have me. I recommend him without reservation. Please thank him for all he did for me. I cannot thank him enough myself. Wishing Prolete every success in the future.

Alexa G.
Submitted 01/31/22
Great staff, very welcoming and accommodating!

Joyce P.
Submitted 01/30/22
Excellent experience. I also worked with Katelyn. I feel like it was a miracle. I had so much pain in my left arm – couldn’t reach for anything; couldn’t put on my coat!!! After just a few weeks of therapy , I can do anything with my left arm!! thank you CJ and Katelyn. They both made the experience great. thank you thank you.

Barbara M.
Submitted 01/24/22
I gave DrCj 5 star very nice I came long way with treatment He know is stuff Thank you

Barbara M.
Submitted 01/24/22
I can’t thank enough tooDrCJ put me on right road recovery that is great place very nice He know is stuff Thanks again

Rita P.
Submitted 01/19/22
I went to both the Milford and Woodbridge offices and was lucky enough to have CJ’s professional and personal services at both sites. Both sites were ready to meet my needs. CJ was kind respectful and sensitive to and aware of my particular needs. Because of him, I am back to Pilates and walking 4 miles a day.

Carl W.
Submitted 07/31/20
I have never written a review before but this one needs to be mentioned. I am a retired firefighter who has been struggling with multiple injuries over the years. I have been going to Prolete Physical Therapy in Milford, CT and with the expertise of Dr. Keith Steigbigel and his staff they have successively changed my life. They have taken my pain away and showed me how to become a stronger person both mentally and physically. After 40 years of being in physical therapy, this is the best. I finally found a place that makes me feel practically pain-free and stronger. Thank you Keith and thank you staff for everything!

Cecilia F.
Submitted 01/24/20
I am very active, never had a problem on my knees. After a bad pivot in Zumba, I couldn’t go upstairs/downstairs, couldn’t bend my left knee. Keith introduced me to dry needling. He is knowledgeable, caring, and passionate at what he does. In only two sessions, I gained a lot of mobility on my knee, enough to go on my trip without a cane. Love to work with knowledgeable, and passionate people. Thank you!

Clem R.
Submitted 01/03/20
Many thanks to Keith & his excellent team for the 8 sessions of physical therapy I received, ending Nov 13. I have attained all my improvement goals, have resumed my outdoor walking routine & feel stronger than I have at any time since before my accident. I have recommended Prolete to all my friends for their physical therapy needs.

Joseph W.
Submitted 12/03/19
Keith’s team at Prolete knows how to get a patient on the right road to recovery. From the initial evaluation, to the weekly therapy sessions, they provide the correct path to get you back to tip top physical shape. I’ve been going to Keith’s practice on and off for many years to resolve physical injuries and he has always been there. I recommend Prolete to anyone who needs the physical therapy at a professional level.

Bonnie F.
Submitted 08/16/19
Everyone at Prolete helps the client to feel cared for and cared about. They are concerned, attentive and very careful about safety and comfort. I arrived at Prolete during my first and very acute bout of sciatica. Keith, immediately took me to a comfortable room, away from the crowd and started to address my pain. He explained everything and recommended options, while he was providing the very first moment of relief I had felt since the onset. When one is experiencing scorching nerve pain and a professional gives them hope…it is a true gift. Going forward I worked with Michael, who was wonderful, as well. Since he graduated, I have been working, mostly, with Lindsay. She is sweet, kind and extremely knowledgeable; always on top of things and introducing new ways to remain as close to pain free as is, currently, possible. I would, very comfortably, recommend this group to anyone at anytime. If it was appropriate, I would take out an ad in the newspapers and rave about a type of all encompassing care that I never knew existed.

Larry G.
Submitted 12/13/18
I have been a patient of Dr. Steigbigel for many years. Without hesitation I would recommend him and I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable and talented PT that there is .

Heather P.
Submitted 09/01/18
This is a three generation review for Katelyn – from my mom who hurt her wrist, myself who suffered from a back injury after a car accident, and my daughter who had ankle surgery. All three of us loved having Katelyn as a therapist. Her knowledge, skills and warm personality were much appreciated during our recoveries. I highly recommend Katelyn and Prolete – an excellent staff of professionals – both therapists and office staff.

Heather P.
Submitted 09/01/18
I actually have two experiences to share – myself, after a car accident and my daughter after ankle surgery. Both of us have received excellent care from Ryan. He is professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about all of his clients. The entire team at Prolete is extremely friendly and helpful – I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Bonnie B.
Submitted 06/27/18
I can’t say enough here about the care and healing I have received from Keith with my recent back injury. His knowledge of anatomy and his ability to listen, diagnose and provide just the right PT has made my recovery faster than I imagined possible.

Michael M.
Submitted 05/10/18
got me headed in the right direction.

Paula D.
Submitted 04/13/18
I have arthritis and it was very painful to walk. I went to Prolete for an evaluation and started working with Katelyn. I really didn’t think that physical therapy would help but I was wrong. Katelyn worked with me and gave me the right exercises to do on my own. In one month the pain started to subside and I was able to function again. Katelyn was wonderful to work with and I would recommend Prolete to anyone.

Mike R.
Submitted 12/19/17
Personalized, helpful, and productive!

Barry W.
Submitted 06/22/17
great office, great therapist

Wendy K.
Submitted 03/08/17
First, I want to make sure this testimonial goes to all four providers: Keith, Nicole, Johnson and Katelyn. They all had a hand (or two:) in both my pre-hab and re-hab related to my successful November 2016 hip replacement surgery. Prior to the surgery, I spent 8 weeks with them on strengthening and flexibility exercises which prepared me well for the surgery. Plus, Keith referred me to the best possible orthopedic surgeon I could ever want. Then post-operation, I went back to Prolete for their regular protocol of 3 months re-hab. From start to finish, I got the finest assessment and care I could possibly ask for. To top it off, and maybe as important as the professional skill and knowledge of the providers, the atmosphere at Prolete is very welcoming and enjoyable. Jasmine, the receptionist/assistant, as well as the numerous interns that are supervised by Keith, all add to the quality of the experience for the ‘patient’. Keith is a remarkable teacher for all who work with him, staying very current in the research and best practices of his field. I recommend Prolete unreservedly.

Marcel P.
Submitted 02/12/17
My journey began on November 3rd 2016 when I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee with a prominent NYC surgeon. I immediately started in home physical therapy and the therapist noticed a lot of stiffness and lack of range of motion (ROM) in the knee. Subsequently I transferred to a local physical therapy office in Milford, CT at week two (2) post-operative. I felt that I was not making sufficient progress at this office and the therapist that I was working with almost seemed to be giving up on me. My concerns were affirmed at my doctor’s visit at one (1) month post-operative. My orthopedic surgeon was very displeased with my PT progress and he read me the riot act. His message was quite clear – either start to make progress with PT or an MUA would be required. It’s at this point that I knew that I needed to find a new therapist to work with. At this point I elected to transition my physical therapy to Prolete PT in Milford CT. At the first visit, I was paired with Dr. Nicole Russell as my therapist. She quickly assessed my condition and agreed that I was way behind where I should be. She agreed to work with me and she also indicated that the therapy would be very painful. I was happy to meet someone who really seemed to care and would work with me. Nicole proved to be an excellent physical therapist with a number of great qualities. She is caring and compassionate. The first question she would always ask me when I got to the office was “How’s the knee?”. She also is very encouraging. I would always hear her saying “Good job Marcel.” Nicole also pushed me very hard as she realized that I was on a strict time scale with my orthopedic surgeon monitoring my progress every two (2) weeks. Yet Nicole knew when to cut me some slack when I was working too hard and the knee was getting inflamed. While working with Nicole my knee ROM steadily increased and my overall day to day functioning has gotten dramatically better. My doctor’s office has been greatly please with my progress. Fast forward to my latest doctor’s visit at three (3) months post-operative and my doctor decided that an MUA is not required. I am convinced that I would not have succeeded without Nicole’s help. If your are looking for a great physical therapist in the Milford CT area, I would highly recommend Dr. Nicole Russell. Trust me, you will not be regret your decision. And finally a special thanks to Keith and his entire staff for operating such a great facility where patient care truly comes first.

Jen R.
Submitted 01/23/17
My story starts out in June of 2016 when I had arthroscopy surgery on my right knee. I immediately started going to a rehab place in Milford that was terrible, My knee felt worse almost immediately and I had no connection with the people at the rehab facility. It got to the point where I told my surgeon I wasn’t going back it hurt too much. I then found out I needed a full knee replacement in November a mere five months later. I had the surgery and spoke to my home physical therapist about my concerns of finding a great rehab facility. He told me about Prolete and Keith and said I would be VERY happy. On my first day I met with Johnson and Keith.They both sat and listened to me and consoled me through the endless tears and concerns about the pain. They were both wonderful caring individuals that gave me hope I’d truly walk again. Everybody at this office is a shining example of people who not only love their jobs, but truly care 100% for the patient. I now work with Katelyn and she is such a compassionate understanding soul she encourages me every step of the way and gives me support and guidance. I love this office and I highly recommend it to anyone needing quality compassionate care. Forget the rest go with the best. You will not be disappointed trust me. Jen R

Yoram L.
Submitted 12/09/16
I went to see Keith with a slightly torn muscle in my shoulder. My orthopedic surgeon wanted to do surgery, I did not. Keith was able to give me back full range of motion and I am back in the gym again. No surgery! In addition, Keith used a technique called “dry needling” on my shoulder and after one session all the pain was gone and it has not returned. Finally, Keith and his staff are great, friendly people who love what they do. If you live in the Milford area Keith is the therapist to see.

Justin B.
Submitted 11/05/16
After suffering a back injury in 2010 I had a lumbar fusion performed at L4/L5 in April 2016. As soon as my doctor cleared me to begin PT I started my journey at Prolete. Katelyn began working with me on May 30 when it was difficult to walk for more than 10 minutes and continued until November 2 when I was able to run 5 miles totally pain-free. I feel stronger now than I did before my injury. If it was not for Katelyn and the staff at Prolete I don’t think I would be where I am now. She would push me every session and it was clear that the plan was completely customized for me. I watched the other providers with their patients and they were all amazing. I cannot recommend Prolete enough to anyone that is recovering from an injury or surgery. They are all knowledgeable and passionate about their field and they create an extremely supportive environment. Keith, Katelyn, Nicole, Johnson and Jasmine thanks for everything, you guys are awesome!

Giovanna (Tina) H.
Submitted 11/04/16
After lying in bed for 2 weeks unable to walk & crying in pain…I saw a “specialist” in New Haven. The first thing he said was I needed immediate surgery! My wonderful doctor (Elise Carlson) recommended Prolete…. I was unable to walk, take care of myself…nothing…..Cervical Stenosis. The pain was unbearable, then Dr. Keith within 20 minutes helped me stop crying. He then introduced me to Johnson! A remarkable young man. It’s been several weeks of having Johnson help me to remain OUT OF PAIN….. I CANNOT FIND THE WORDS TO SAY THANK YOU !

Heather S.
Submitted 09/14/16
After a major labral tear lead to FAI hip surgery, I suffered 4 years of chronic hip pain. I went to a variety of doctors from all different fields to try to figure out why I was still in pain. No one had an answer. I went to countless massages and massage therapists, even chiropractors. Nothing seemed to solve the riddle that was my chronic hip pain. Enduring sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, I felt like there was no hope for ever returning to a pain-free life. When I thought another surgery was the only option I had left, I went to see Keith. In one session, he was able to get me to walk straight up again, and temporarily stop the pain that had been plaguing me for years on end. I’ll never forget the moment he told me he knew what the pain was and that I didn’t need surgery. Over the next couple of years, I worked with Keith on a pretty consistent basis. Slowly he built my body back up again. Years of chronic pain and stress had left me in pretty rough shape. I had developed bad posture and movement patterns that had to be corrected. The progress was slow, but I always felt confident in Keith and his team that they would get me to the finish line. The patience, support, and optimism I found in Keith and his staff was an integral part in my healing process. I can now report that I am recovered beyond my expectations. I have the strength in my hip built back up to the point where I no longer have flare ups that last weeks or even days. Thanks to Keith I have found ways, with my past injury in mind, to keep active and to stay in shape and avoid future issues. I’m finally at the point where I sometimes forget I had chronic hip pain at all. What felt like a lifetime sentence is now just a memory. I have been to several other physical therapy practices, and I have dealt with many doctors. I can say with complete confidence that there is no one out there like Keith Steigbigel. Because I worked with Keith for so long, I was able to see him work with many patients. Day in and day out, patient after patient, I watched him take his time with patients, assess and reassess cases, confer with his knowledgable staff, and listen to his patients. He does not blindly follow protocols. Each patient is treated on a per session basis, with exercises customized for them. He takes in account all the factors that makes every body unique. He truly has a passion for his craft. And I’ve seen him work with enough difficult cases to know he does not stop until he has an answer. On top of it all, his kindness and sense of humor keeps everyone in the room laughing as we do our regimens of three sets of ten exercises. Thank you Keith and the amazing staff at Prolete Physical Therapy!

Mary R.
Submitted 09/14/16
As we approach Thanksgiving…and I count my blessings, Keith is among them. I would not have the functional life I have had the last year without his help. I put off a surgery for over a year and Keith kept me going. He is always thoughtful in his approach to what he can do to help me every time I come in. He asks how things are going, he thinks about that, asks questions, evaluates and comes up with different things to help me be the best I can be. He uses a multiple arsenal of treatments and is always trying to see what will work best for each issue presented. I first met Keith after a surgery in 1996. He impressed me then with his friendly and easy going demeanor and how he encouraged me to move and get my mobility back. Since then he has achieved an advanced degree, a growing business and a family! You can easily tell, he is happy in his work, and that rubs off on everybody he works with, a pleasure to be around. The atmosphere at Prolete Physical Therapy is relaxed and encouraging. I always feel better leaving than I did coming in. I am grateful for all the therapy I have received and am confident that I have the best care possible when I am there. I look forward to a speedy recovery after my upcoming surgery. I would highly recommend Prolete Physical Therapy to anyone needing such services.

Shrikant S.
Submitted 09/14/16
For the better part of the last 5 years, I was suffering from chronic, and crippling, pain in my left chest, shoulder and back region. No amount of massages, chiropractor visits or physiotherapy seemed to cure this. Things were so bad that I had recurrent panic attacks and sleep deprivation because of the pain. This is when I was referred to Dr Keith. Dr Keith and his staff are warm, kind, attentive and highly knowledgeable. In the span of 7 sessions, Dr Keith and his staff not only cured me of my pain, but also tremendously improved my quality of life. I sleep like a baby, pain free, and I have had no panic attacks since. I cannot thank Dr Keith and his staff enough and highly recommend Prolete to everyone!

Gaelle P.
Submitted 09/14/16
Dr. Keith was highly recommended to me by a friend. After I had hip replacement in June 2015, when it was time for outpatient physical therapy, Dr. Keith and his staff took amazing care of me. They always treated me with the utmost compassion and kindness, accompanied by a huge dose of tongue-in-cheek silliness (laughter is some of the best medicine). Dr. Keith’s knowledge, expertise and sense of humor not only helped me to heal more quickly than I had expected, but also helped me to regain strength and ability that I thought was lost forever. He pushed me just enough when he knew I could do things even before I knew I could. Now at a year post-surgery, I am fully back to my routine of weight and circuit training, cardio machines, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. I know that, should I need them, Dr. Keith and his staff will be ready to help me happily, because it is obvious that they truly love what they are doing. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Nelson R.
Submitted 09/14/16
Beginning in April of 2015, I suffered some traumatic body issue due to a fall.My neck was broken, and I suffered some brain damage.After 4 months of hospitalization and residential rehab, I was released to continue physical therapy from home.I was recommended by my visiting home therapists to try Dr. Keith Steigbigel, now of Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for my continued therapy.How lucky I am to have taken that recommendation! Dr.Keith is an amazing and knowledgeable therapist. He takes into consideration all aspects of your recovery- from who is caring for you at home, your needs for the layout of you home, to your emotional well being.I was encouraged every step of the way, gradually expanding my abilities and strengths. He kept my doctors updated on my progress. he always explained to me what he was doing in easy to understand terms. His staff is equally amazing and accommodating. I can not say enough about them all !! The facility is clean, the atmosphere congenial, clients were of all ages, and all kinds of needs. Keith and his staff evaluated each individual with kindness,encouragement, hope, reality and with a competence that was both accurate and comforting. I walked in ( just barely) 10 months ago, discouraged and afraid of the next steps I needed to take. Dr. Keith made that easy for me. He worked me hard, but within my abilities. I walked out, far better than when I started, armed with knowledge on how to continue my work. Dr. Keith helped me restart my life. I think he helps create miracles. I am one of them!

Carrie T.
Submitted 09/14/16
My experience at Prolete with Dr. Keith and his staff was outstanding. I came to Prolete in December 2015 to rehab from a back injury. After my initial appointment with Dr. Keith I immediately knew I had come to the right place. After being told I would never do many of the activities I loved to do again without surgery, Dr. Keith gave me hope! Over the last 4 months I have made tremendous gains, have little to no pain and have been able to return to many of the activities other doctors have told me I would never do again. The knowledge and expertise from all the professionals at Prolete is top notch. My rehab routine was effective and easy for me to do on my own. I can’t say enough about how terrific all the staff at Prolete were to me during my rehab, the entire staff was always friendly, encouraging and so helpful. I can’t thank you all enough for taking such good care of me!